Friday, March 11, 2011

Last NIght's Class

So we went to the 'Airobics' class last night and it was pretty fun! It is a 55 minute class w/a 3 minute break in the middle. Everyone gets their own square (if you watched the video you know what I mean).
As far as workouts go, it is a good workout to get your sweat on and get in some cardio. It was challenging, but I am not sore at all today. A lot of the moves were the same as I have been doing with the Insanity workout, so to do them on a trampoline was fun. Think plyometrics on a trampoline. Initially I felt it all in my calves, but after a minute of getting a feel for things, I concentrated on engaging my abs and soon felt it there too. Some of the moves included variations of moguls, high knees, butt kickers, heel tappers, running mans, jumping jacks and also mid-air jumping jacks - loved these - some floor work consisting of planks, sit ups, around the worlds, and then a minute of whatever exercise you wanted to do. There was some "jumping" laps around the room that I had a hard time with. It was hard to get your jumping rhythm down to make it from one square to the next. There was some jumping and playing catch at the same time w/your partner. In the end there was some running up onto the wall (walls are also trampolines) and back down, and a cool down of stretching at the end.

The kids were able to jump and play in the other 3 areas during the class, and we could see them pretty much at all times. There was an 8 and under area, dodge ball area, and a foam pit area. They had a blast!

This place was clean, bathrooms clean, staff friendly and good with the kids. The instructor teaches the Thursday and Saturday class, sometimes Tuesday although she said that Tuesday is an easier class and sometimes has a different instructor. It was not crowded at all, but I imagine the Saturday morning class would be.

Yesterday ended up being a pretty great day for getting a burn in. I did my Jillian workout for 1.2 hours in the morning, ran 5 miles with Brian on his lunch break, then did the class in the evening. Brian rode 16 miles on his bike, a 5 mile run, and then the class.

I have plans to go next Thursday with a sis and am looking forward to it!

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