Monday, March 14, 2011

Week/Weekend Update

First, here's a pic of Kona......

He is such a cutie and continues to be a great boy! No poops inside the house yet, and nothing destroyed yet....

Moving on....last week I got a run in w/a friend. We are both not where we are used to being, so it was nice to have someone to commiserate over our current fitness level with. Don't get me wrong, we are both in shape and workout/run regularly, just not at the level we like to be at. It was a good run none the less and we will run again tomorrow.
I also recently got new running shoes and skirts, which I mentioned before. I switched shoe brands which killed me to do, but Mizuno's were no longer working for me and the latest ones are cut differently and rubbed my ankle I made the switch to Saucony. They are much more cushioned and not as roomy in the toe box. Because of the cushioning, when my feet start to swell they tend to feel pretty tight, even with them being a full size larger then my normal size. My arches are also getting used to the new shoe and let me feel it on longer runs. I think once I am used to them and they are broken in I will like them.
I got 2 new running skirts, which is kind of a big deal for me. I tend to find an item I like and then stick to it. For example, the black outfit you always see me run in...well I have multiples of the same skirt and top. Things are revamped every season, so when I find something that fits comfortably and doesn't rub anywhere or chaff or ride up or...anything else, I like to buy multiples so I don't have to worry about clothes for a while.
Well with the mud run coming up and not wanting to wear my running staple outfit on the mud run course, I needed to find something else. I am just not willing to risk mud stains or tears to my favorites.
So I went with the company I like the least, Nike! I found 2 that fit well and are decent to look at and broke out of my comfort zone of only black and went w/hot pink. I have since run in both and love them both and am back to not wanting to wear either one for the mud run and risk damage : ) So here is the view of the new goods...
Ok, I think that finally brings me to the weekend. Emma and I started off Saturday with the District Science Fair. Finally. It had been moved back a few weeks. We went Friday night and set up, then Saturday she had to stand w/her project and answer questions anyone had. Then the advisers cleared the room of parents and visitors and asked the students questions and told them how good they did. It was not a judged event. All the kids got a ribbon, certificate, and a new binder. There was a science demo/assembly, and then a drawing for a dinner. They drew one student from each grade, and Em won for her grade in the district. So she (and the family) get to go to a dinner and present her project in front of everyone. (this is like the class project that just wont end!!) Papa, Myles and Sophie went in service while we did this. Speaking of service, Sophie will have some big news next month along those lines! : )
Saturday afternoon we did what usually is one of our favorite runs. Both Brian and I, but more so I, seemed to struggle through this one though. We did the See Jane course, but instead of turning left over the foot bridge, we always turn right to stay along the water and take in the view. We turned around at 4.5 miles, making for a 9 mile run. That is the furthest we have gone in a while, and it was not the greatest. Time wise it was fine, our normal pace, but it felt like I was dragging myself along and my body didn't want to cooperate. It wasn't even the typical run where you feel better once you are just never felt great. But, the views were great, and the girls had fun on their bikes dodging the ground squirrels.
Sunday was meeting, followed by a few hour long quarterly elder meeting. I picked up Brian with a change of clothes for him and the car loaded w/our running gear ready to do some time at the reservoir. After driving there, I realized I had forgotten the key card we have to have to open the gate to we drove home and I ran at home to keep the streak alive! I did manage to run everyday last week and only had to run indoors twice. It felt good to get some decent mileage in, even though not every run felt great.
Ok, so you are up to date!
Should be a fun week this week with a run with a friend tomorrow, Airobics again on Thursday, and the Diablo Trails Challenge Saturday. I am hoping we get some good rain this week so the creeks will be full for the run on Saturday....I would love for the girls to get to run through some creeks during this run!

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