Sunday, May 17, 2015

22 Years Later

Brian did it!!!

 This is my first truck. It was a 78 Chevy Scottsdale, had a 350 in it with dual chrome exhaust that was so awesomely loud, and dad had it converted into a 3 it wasn't supposed to go much over 60, and it had the long shifter that came up from the floor in the middle of the front seat floorboard, no power brakes or power steering....and it has always, always been my favorite vehicle I ever owned. I loved this truck so much!!

 Below, it still has the original bumper on it, so I believe this may have been when we first got it. It is sitting here at our mechanics house. He put a lot of work into this thing seeing as it came originally with the engine sitting in the bed of the truck.
If my memory serves me right, I got my first Chevy before my license and was in the 15/16 years old range.....
Which makes this next picture a 22 years later picture-


 I still cant believe it!!!! Its a 2006 Chevy Silverado K1500 4x4 with 93k miles on it. Leather interior with rubber floor mats. 6 seater when the middle front seat is up and not used as a center console (which we've already had a kid ride up there). Has a nice bed liner.
It's a serious, serious upgrade from my first truck.

 We had tried shopping in town, and couldn't get taken seriously that we wanted a truck, not a pickup. No joke. It was really frustrating. So, we did some research on line and decided to drive out to Sacramento and Roseville to shop....where the real trucks live. It ended up working! My first stop was a Walmart to get a Travis Tritt's greatest hits CD for the ride home....the most awesome ride home I've ever driven!

 We scooped up the kids, and took the truck to meet it's home away from home...
 Truck (I haven't named it yet, so it's just "Truck" for now), meet Mt. Diablo. Diablo, meet Truck.

I can't thank my husband enough for making this happen. Yes, there are more conventional family vehicles, but none that would bring me this much joy, and allow me to be a mom, and still be me!! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Guys!! I still can't believe it. I've been taking the "long route" to do everything this weekend, can't get enough of driving it!!

    2. I told you at age 15 I would make you the same offer I made your older sister. At age 16 I would buy you a vehicle but you had to have a job allowing you to make enough to pay for insurance and gas. You, without hesitation said lets drive around the country looking for an old chevy truck sitting out in a field. Lets rebuild it!!!! We found one sitting out in a field with tansy weed growing up through the engine compartment because it had no engine. I am so proud to continue bragging about having a daughter who wanted to rebuild an old truck for her first vehicle. Every man I tell that too thinks it is the coolest story. Still proud of you in your choice of a family vehicle. love you all--dad

    3. I love the pics of you and that old chevy Scottsdale. Always some of my fav pics of you Beth. love you all--dad