Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Peek Into the Past Few Weeks

  Backyard gatherings........
  The smallest baby deer I've seen in  a long time.
 Beautiful green and pink grass.
 Lazy cows.
 Alligator Lizard nearly as long as my size 11's.
My favorite trough has sprung a leak.

 So many baby frogs. I have a video I'll post tomorrow of hundreds of these guys covering the trail.
 Neat webs.
 See the hole in the tree? There were baby birds talking in there.
 Eating at Skippolini's in Concord for the first time ever. It used to be a bank in the 1800's, thus the bars back there.

 Below, a friend and I tried to go pick cherries in Brentwood...but every farm we went to was closed. They were waiting for what was left on the trees to ripen. We saw this work crew eating lunch, and I convinced my friend to get out and ask them if they knew of any farms that were open.  They tried to get her to buy from them a 20 lb box of cherries, for $4 a lb.
 Turkey Vultures are huge birds!
 That Toyota was also a crew cab, and it had truck envy.

 Emma's back was hurting her hiking up this hill...she fell pretty hard in the shower and is sore.
 The summit of Mt. Diablo.

 The summit is on the left, and North Peak is on the right. This entire side of the mountain is what burned.

 Hiking part of the old Diablo 50k course, in reverse.
 Myles had  a friend over and we had some fun. If you can't make that out, it's cowboys, Indians, and rubber bands.

 Garden is growing.
 Cleaned and conditioned back seat.
Calm before a weekend gathering this past weekend.

 Below, Sophie spends her Wednesday afternoons at a ranch helping our friend Pat.  This is on the way to the Mitchell Canyon entrance to Diablo, which makes an amazing backdrop to this property. It's stunning. Anyhow, Sophie does whatever needs done. She's learning about feeding, vitamins, vets, has cleaned hooves, stalls and the pen, brushes and puts salve where it's needed, and when the works done, she gets to ride!

Things get busy starting this week with end of the year events. There are awards assemblies, graduations, parties....lots going on the next 3 weeks!

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  1. Horses, Cows 4X4 trucks, and tailgating it while eating. Gardens, Mt Diablo and big truck flexing muscle sitting next to small truck. COWBOYS, INDIANS, AND RUBBER BANDS. WOW, grandpa is smiling. His work is done!!!!!
    love you all