Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Brandon and Jamyla's Wedding, April 25, 2015

On April 25, 2015, Brian's cousin Brandon married Jamyla on a deck in Malibu overlooking the beach.
It was limited to 100 guests, and we considered it a privilege to have been invited to share in their special day. When Brian and I were married almost 18 years ago, Brandon would have been right around 12 years old. He's been in southern Cal for a number of years now, and it was very strange to see him all grown up and getting married! He has grown into a pretty cool guy, and although we do not know Jamyla, she seems like such a sweet gal! Not to mention she was a triple major at Pepperdine. Wowzers. Both Brandon and Jamyla are in the film industry.
Here's a few pictures from the day-
 Above, Brian and I heading to the wedding. Below, Brian's mom, Nancy, and me at the wedding.
 Brian's parents figuring out this whole "selfie" thing.
 Cousin Brandon
 Jamyla and her pops.
 This could have been a great pic, but alas....the pole.  You get the idea...beautiful wedding, beautiful background, lots and lots of wind.
 My contribution to myself (so I thought)...I was happy to share with the mother of the groom and I have no idea who else, but it made its way around the room.
 It was super windy and my hair was attracted to Brian's face (in both below pictures)

 The wedding was at the Malibu West Beach Club. For anyone besides me who finds this interesting, it's on Broad Beach Rd....same road as Bruce Jenner's house.  This was also the day after Bruce's interview aired.

 This was welcoming the wedding party back to the party after they did some pictures on the beach.
 Brandon and Jamyla
 Brandon, his Grandmother (Kathy's mom), and Jamyla. I'd love to know what was just said : )
 Jamyla's dad giving a speech about both of them, it was really, really good!
 Cousin Kyle giving a really nice speech about his older brother Brandon and Jamyla.
 Brandon and his mom, Aunt Kathy
 Brian's mom, Nancy, and her brother Phil, who was the father of the groom.
 Bouquet toss. First attempt was a bust as it hit a beam and fell straight down. If you look hard you can see it in flight straight back from Jamyla's backside.
Such a special day! 
We had such a great time and really appreciate being included!
Brandon and Jamyla, we wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness and adventures together!

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