Thursday, July 14, 2016

Almost Caught Up!

I'm trying to get all caught up before we head out of town for our last camping trip of the summer.  So after we got back from Disneyland, we had one day to get the house clean and laundry done, and be ready for 2 weeks of family staying with us! We were looking forward to these 2 weeks for months! Sophie was getting baptized at our big summer convention at the Cow Palace, and the grandparents wanted to be here for that.  I put in a request for them to dunk her in a horse trough...but was denied : )
 We've lived here for near 17 years and somehow, Brian's folks found this restaurant that we had never been to.  We will be back!!
 Brian's dad, Grandpa Larry teaching the kids proper form for archery.
 Roasting our dinner in the back yard.
 Grandma Jackie and the kids at the Cow Palace.

 We bring lunch to the Cow Palace all three days....this was one days worth of lunch.
 Mom brought me her grandfather's, my great grandfather's, cabbage chopper.  He would make home made sauerkraut with her when she was a little girl.  I love old family things, and sauerkraut, so this was a special thing to be given.
 My mom also painted this bowl and pitcher for me and got it here, unbroken, from WA. I love it!!
 Sophie is down there somewhere. Those getting baptized sit down in front of the stage, there were 41 people.

 Auntie Jill, Latham fam, and grandma Jackie.
We had a great 2 weeks with family, and a great convention!!

Guess what??? That catches you all up!! This week was full of dr appointments (all is well) and now getting packed up and ready for camping.  A friend very nicely, and generously, surprised us with tickets to the state fair, so we will do that Sat and then head out for a week of relaxation, camping coffee, and fishing!!


  1. Did she eat that whole burrito??? Wow! The horse trough thing made me laugh. Have fun camping!

    1. No, we all had leftovers the next day! Thank you, I hope to just float on the lake and relax the week away : )