Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Still Catching Up

Ok, so after school was out, we had one week of down time before things would start getting crazy and stay that way for 3 weeks.  We intentionally did not do much, but we did get in a good hike or two.  First, we had a grass fire near Mitchel Canyon, those dreaded grass lands I always try to avoid needing to run through when it's hot out because there's no shade....they burned. 

 Pink Oak Tree and grass, that's fire retardant.

I also took the kids on Twin Ponds Loop out of Borgess Ranch.  It was fun, longer than I remembered, and there were lots of bull frog babies in the ponds.

 She's not stomping on them, she's trying to walk and not step on one.

Felt good to get some dirt under our feet!  After these few free days, we headed to socal for a week.  I'll have that post up soon!

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