Wednesday, July 13, 2016

One More Today

Ok, so we went down south. I already posted the beach and surfing pictures last month, so I'll skip those and go straight to some Disney ones.  It was very, very hot when we were there. We would go in the morning, head back to the room around noon, and stay there till 5 or 6, then head back.  That schedule has been one of the perks of having a season pass....we don't feel like we have to cram it all in to full, long days.  I will cram all the pictures into one post, though : )
 My was over 100 keep in mind.  I couldn't get him to take it off.
 After the park has closed and Main Street is open, this is always a nice place to rest and let the crowds thin out.
 At night, the shooting gallery light changes to night time.
 The heat had us all wiped out!!
 New, and much appreciated security.  They've added metal detectors.

 We took shelter from the heat in the Golden Horseshoe and shared a big sundae!

 Her hat is Chip on one side, and Dale on the other.
 We also hid out in Lincoln's speech for a while.  It's still so cool to see him stand up and talk and gesture. We also got Jamba Juice in downtown Disney as we walked back to the park one evening.
 We also ate Dole Whip before going into the Tiki Room.

 New ride in Cars Land, notice they are not on any kind of a track. It's cool to watch, they line dance with each other.  Not super fun to ride, but pretty cool technology!

 Ugh man.....I will be so happy when the special 60th fireworks go away!!  There's total grid lock for two hours leading up to them, it's a nightmare trying to move around.  We happened to eat snacks at the end of Main Street, and were pretty much trapped there.  Brian went on line to see what the best way to see the fireworks was, and it said wait for the last float in the light parade to go by, and then jump into the crowd behind it.  You'll get corralled by ropes real quick because they section the street off into groups of people.  We tried, failed, and quickly just ducked under a rope to get into a group.
 This is looking behind us, down main street toward the train station. The reason to watch from here is you see all the projections on main street, and also the castle and fireworks.  The castle lights up and has images projected on it, also.
 That's as good as my camera would get the castle.
 This is a scene from Little Mermaid, the coral inflates from the roof tops.

The coolest thing is that it snows at one was really, really cool!
 Where our hotel is, we walk through the Grand Californian Hotel, and come out the other side on Main Street.  They set up a water station on the super hot days.  Plain, or with fruit in it.

 Love this one of Brian and Myles walking.

 I'm going to go out on a limb and say Brian got the better picture here.

 Myles watches a lot of disney history videos on line and had certain hole in the wall things that he really wanted to see this time and tell us the history behind. Snow Whites pond was one of those things.
 One of our favorite things about walking back and forth from hotel to park is taking time inside the Grand Californian to relax.  Its about half way through our walk.  There's rocking chairs everywhere, large stone fireplaces, movies playing for the feet always appreciate the rest at the end of the day!
We went into the park bits and pieces of 6 days.  One day we just slept in late and went into the park around 1.  We also took some time to go see Dory in Downtown Disney.  It was a great, relaxing trip!

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