Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Catching Up!

 Ok, I'm backing up to the last few days of school.  My girls cleaned house with their awards : ) So proud of them and all their hard work academically, as well as being recognized for being good eggs all the way around. Above, Emma's the tall blurry girl in the middle. She went up there 5 times, and all are blurry.

 Sophie's in the black and gray plaid top, getting the RARE award.
One of those is Emma's Presidential award for academic excellence.  My girls are amazing and so much smarter and more dedicated and nicer than I was at their age. They must get it from Brian : )
 8th grade bowling night was cancelled due to lack of kids signing up, but we still did it as a family.
 8th grade grad dinner was fun. We went to dinner with friends at Cheesecake Factory (Em's choice), and spoiled her.  She blazed her way through middle school, I'm so excited to see what my girl does in high school!
 Home made grad card....believe it or not, that's a cut up manila envelope, turned into a card.

 Myles wore his ghillie pants the last day of school.
 This is up!
 Emma got lots of pretty flowers for graduation and my house looked so pretty!
 Friends of Emma's at grad dinner.

 Sophie, Auntie Jill, Emma, and our friend Amanda at the awards ceremony.
Good times!!

Ok, more posts coming!!


  1. Yay for catching up! Great shots, but WOW - your kids are growing up fast!

    1. When they were little, everyone said "it goes by so fast"...the older they get, the truer those words seem.