Thursday, July 10, 2014

Regional Convention, 2014

Once again, it's the yearly post where I say that I will not/do not/have not/will never discuss religion here on the blog, however we do attend a yearly convention and due to the fact that our family all lives a few states away, I do post pictures from said convention.
This was a special year for many reasons, but especially because Seattle was having an International convention (missionaries serving in other countries get to attend these special conventions and the host cities "take care" of them with a few weeks of special activities. They are happening all over the world this year).
Seattle's convention was the same weekend as ours at the Cow Palace in San Fran, so we were able to be connected into their convention to watch and hear some of the special talks that were taking place.
We also got to hear and see them singing songs, which was special, as well as the conclusion of the convention Sunday afternoon.  There were many signs expressing love for these delegates, lots of cheering and tears.
For Brian and I it was extra special to be tied into Seattle, as our families were attending that convention, so we got to hear the same speakers, and sing the same songs at the same time, get to see newly released books and brochures at the same time, and on occasion, cry at the same time.
It was just an amazing convention all around!
 Every morning this was the scene...leaving sunny east bay for the clouds

 This was the first year for this type of technology. Our convention was being filmed...I believe Brian said for future streaming for people who were not able to attend?? well as a crowd cam that showed us all singing during the songs.

 Those screens are what we watched the Seattle convention on, as well as some tvs, and below is one of many signs put out after the conclusion on Sunday in Seattle.

 Delegates serving in other countries waving to the crowd in Seattle.

 Seattle had both hot sun, and rain, and 31,000 plus people at Husky Stadium.

There you have it! It was one of the most memorable conventions of my 37 years of attending these! Very special, and we are so very grateful!!

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