Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Confession -

Ok, well, you know how some bloggers/Facebookers/Tweeters lives would seem perfect....all rainbows and butterflies and froyo and running and friends and vacations and life is just so perfect??

(in all fairness, most of us post the fun, exciting things because we want to share that stuff with friends/family....they don't need to hear the toilet overflowed, headlight went out in the car, or that you ran outta tp and are using paper towels)

Anyhow...I try to keep it real here on the blog.  So here you go -

It's been 15 years since I've been to a dentist.
It's been 13 years since Brian went to a dentist.
His teeth will probably have not one cavity.
My teeth - one broke in half 2 years ago, one is hollow in the middle because the filling fell out. I have a crown I can't bite down on.  I have a special "golden tooth" that used to have a veneer on it and has had part of a broken veneer stuck on it for 6 years.  I have a cavity behind a different veneer on a different tooth.  I have a tooth on the other side of my mouth from the bad crown that I can't bite down on either.  And too many chipped teeth to count.
So gross.
Every wonder why I always smile with my mouth closed??

For the record, we have always had dental insurance.  Even with insurance, though, dentistry is expensive....and I knew that whenever I did finally go to a dentist, it would probably require a second mortgage (wait....we rent.  Oh shoot.) However, since I have run out of sides of my mouth I can chew on and I've been having a lot of mouth/tooth/jaw pain...both Brian and I have dentist appointments Monday morning.  

There you go, there's my random, keeping it real confession.

Oh, if you're wondering about the kids....they go every 6 months and thankfully have Brian's teeth.


  1. Paper towels for toilet paper? YIKES!

    And try to enjoy the dentist. It's awesome to be able to chew freely! (It's sad how expensive it is, even with insurance.)

  2. We aren't currently using paper towels, lol. It has happened, though...and boy were we happy to have paper towels at the time : )

  3. Do you remember how your tooth problems got started? As a little girl you were on so much antibiotics it destroyed the integrity of your teeth for life. It is time to get this taken care of. I will call you tonight. You are a beautiful woman and a persons smile can identify the inner beauty of a person and their healty state of mind. We WILL make this work.
    love to all

    1. Yep, I remember. I know the first visit will be the most awkward, but I'm looking forward to getting things fixed and getting my smile back.

  4. Val is registred for the 5K.

  5. I think you have an amazing smile....I know this is delayed. But I want you to know your biggest fear....is never something to be ashamed about. The dentist who did that to you should have been removed from practice. I have your dental back!