Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Pictures

 Backing up to the last day of school, Emma got 2 awards, one for maintaining a 3.9 or higher all year (she got one B early in the year, but ended the year with a 4.0), and one for showing the quality of Initiative. Pretty cool.
 I've been trying to get her to try some different hair-do's on her own.  To her, that meant watch how-to videos on YouTube and then ask me to do it for her : )

 We went to this ladies special graduation! She's only 16, but a very hard worker and got done 2 years early!!
 We've spent a few days up at Lake Anza in the Berkeley hills. Notice my feet, not just burried, but decorated with feathers, too.

 A walk through the Botanical Gardens near Tilden.

So much Redwood Sour (aka Redwood Sorrel). They aren't supposed to pick anything, but I let them each eat one.

 Make-over night in prep for our convention this weekend. Nails, masks, and a little brow waxing.

 These next pictures are for mom, she's been wanting pictures of my flowers.

 See my Dahlia's mom? I got them to bloom!
 Red peppers, Green peppers, corn, and tomatoes.
Mom, that's the bougainvillea outside the kitchen window that we thought was dead when you were here. It was just sticks but came back well!

 The camping lantern is for our late night swimming and card games outside.
 What I find in my living room almost every morning.  The kids seem to travel around the house at night.
 Another day at Lake Anza.
 So I gave them a $10 and let them go get 3 ice-cream cones.  Guess what? It wasn't enough $. I was shocked, but I'm also the mom who usually gets their cones at Burger King for 75Cents each.
 Above, what was supposed to be a bike/run and turned out disastrous, and below, a run with just Emma.

 Service, and service break.

And the first batch of party fun stuff!!! So exciting!
Ok, that mostly catches you up with the first 3ish weeks of summer break.  We have convention this weekend, so this will have to hold you over till next week. Have a great weekend!!

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