Friday, July 11, 2014

Tomorrow's Dirty Dozen


The girls will now be taking on the 6 hour, a.k.a. Dirty Half Dozen.  They don't want to relay, they'd rather each run their own races for 6 hours.  They will be moving from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. as they desire, meaning they can rest, walk, do a lap and then quit for a few hours and do another lap...whatever they want.  I'm super excited for them!!
Myles will be doing a 5k. 
Should be a great day!!

Well, it is time again for Brazen Racing's Dirty Dozen, Half Dozen, and Brazen's special edition races, the Brazen 100 Celebration 5k's and 10k's.  That's a whole lot of fun in one day.  This year is special because this race happens to be the 100th race Brazen has put on.  Last year I can say that this already felt like a 12 hour party, and this year promises to be extra fun due to it being their 100th race.
They posted this pic of the medal for the 5 and 10ks, which due to not properly converting measurements to millimeters, ended up being nearly 4 inches wide. That's huge for a race medal, not to mention it's really pretty!  (we won't be getting this medal, but I hear we get a coaster/bottle opener medal that is equally awesome)

Due to a few different factors, we came up short on kid in we couldn't find any.  It is asking a lot to watch 3 kids from 5 am to 9 pm.  As a result, we had to switch our registrations from 2 individual 12 hour runners to one 2 person team.  So we'll be doing a 2 person relay for the 12 hours. This actually is what we probably should have done from the get go considering neither of us is in shape to do a 12 hour day.  So the kids will be with us, and one of us will always be with the kids at "Camp Latham".  I'd still like to get in at least 10 laps and hit the 31 mile mark for a 50k, but we'll see. The loops are slightly shorter this year, and there's a course change from last year that, while it eliminates the only hill there was, it puts you on single track on the edge of a cliff next to the ocean/bay.

We are both still excited....but lets be real. We'll be running, pushing our limits, while dealing with 3 kids, for 12 hours.  Not what we had envisioned...but we always make the best, and make it I'm sure by 9 pm tomorrow night we'll be sitting around talking about what a fun day we had : )

I have to say, I love the motto for this 100th race event - " One hundred races, thousands of friendships".  You all know how much we love Brazen, partly because they are just such a great running company and put on stellar events...but mostly because they and their runners are good people. We've raced with other companies, but there is no more supportive, encouraging, hilarious group than the Brazen Nation!!


  1. See you there! There is a special presentation at 6:45. (I forget you are not on FB and sadly miss out on an occasional useful thing.) It would be awesome if there was a way to get the kids in to one of the 5Ks. And hopefully they will be available to pace me later in the day.

    1. Question Allen,
      is there a "be bold, be Brazen" fb page?? I occasionally see people reference another brazen fb page or group, but haven't been able to find it. I can view Brazen's fb pg w/o having to log in to fb, so I keep up there, but maybe I have to log in to search for the group??

  2. Also, our grandkids are going to be there as well, for the same reason. I think they are teaming up for the 6 hour but then will be available as pacers.

    1. It could happen that the kids register in the morning for something....depends on a few things : ) I am fully counting on them getting in a few laps with me, too.