Saturday, July 12, 2014

Team Latham did 50.52 Miles!

31.92 + 18.6=50.52

Brian is the 31.92, I am the 18.6.  We did the 2 person team relay, so only one of us was on course at a time.  We did 14 big laps, and 6 small laps. If you're into math, that's (3.33 x 14) + (.65 x 6) = 50.52
Not a bad total.

The girls, with less than 24 hours notice, found themselves with the choice of running whatever they wanted, and chose the individual 6 hour race. 
Each completed 13.32 miles!! That made today Sophie's first half marathon, and Emma's second. They quit when they hit that distance, but still had plenty of time. 
We did not know there were age division medals for this race, but in the results, both girls are listed as winning age division medals.
They actually did 16.65 miles for the day as later on they did another loop with Mrs. NotThatLucas and her blistered toes!
Very proud of them!!

Myles had a great time running the 5k! Emma synced up her final half marathon lap with Myles running the 5k, so they ran that lap together, and it went great!!

I have to thank my 3, excellent kids for basically hanging out for hours and hours while we finished up the 12 hour! They were champs!
Lots of pictures and recap coming....later.


  1. It was so great seeing you all out there! I love that your girls paced Mrs Notthat to her 50K finish. I still have to get my pictures up - there are many of you all in various states of duress/relaxation.

    (Also, if I understand right, they added 0.05 miles to your first little lap to account for getting to the little lap's start. The math made my head hurt.)

    1. Yeah, we ended up with official distance of 50.57 but I was too lazy to edit the post : )
      Hopefully Mrs feet are recouping!
      It was special to have the girls walking funny with us yesterday, we're all doing the waddle/shuffle.