Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Few From the Trail

 The story on the above photo is....I was in the area where they found the Mt Lion kill, and was looking around more than usual and spotted that thing sitting on the horizon looking down on me. I could not tell what it was because my eyes aren't that good, but it looked possibly cat like...and I knew if I zoomed in I could see it clearly when I got home and uploaded. It was a stump. : )

 Tall, dry, scratchy sticks of grass lining the single track.

 Above, coming down Dusty trail, which, sadly, was not that dusty. It's usually inches deep, but I think most the dust has blown off.
 Above, my final climb up and over to Borges Ranch. I waited for the horses to come down, enjoyed the shade for a minute.

Me and my Emma at the movies. We took the kids to see the Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Day movie (that's not exactly the right name, but close enough). It was pretty funny, Brian was hysterical the whole time.

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  1. Awesome pictures! That mountain lion is really scary, though.