Thursday, October 30, 2014

How J.W. Harris Got Me Through My Run

 I was not feeling my run this morning.  At all. I set out just wanting a good 6 miles. Right away it just felt off. But I'm stubborn. I've been repeating this PBR inspired quote for a few days -
"When I strap my hand in, it's in." - J.W. Harris
I was going home with 6 no matter what. I ran/hiked out 3. Those 3 were the trail running equivalent of having my hand strapped in, hanging off the side of a bull, and barely making 8 seconds. I  stopped the watch right when the Garmin buzzed at 3 miles, sat on a rock for a while, then gave it my best on the 3 back in. Ended up being my fastest (fastest for me=most people's slow) 3.1 I've seen in a long time.
Here's a few from the 3 outbound. I didn't take any inbound.

 I hate/fear bees so much! It was really hard for me to get that close and not shake.

 This is out BBQ Terrace. (above)

There's a lot more, I'll get them up tomorrow.


  1. I love those pictures of the bee! I am super scared of bees too - I've never been stung so in my head I have made it out to be this catastrophically painful thing.

    1. Well, it does hurt! I think it's the anticipation of not knowing if it's going to get mad enough to sting or not that gets me.