Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sometimes...for no reason....

We get packages.
Unexpected packages.
When was the last time someone sent you a gift, or a card, when it wasn't a holiday, or birthday, or anniversary?
I am terrible about doing this, and could greatly improve.
Because, let me tell ya....its pretty cool to get things in the mail when you aren't expecting it!  The house is instantly filled with excitement, squeals, jumping up and down, and giddiness.  Then thankfulness. It means so much when someone randomly does something kind.  For the kids, knowing that someone hundreds of miles away thought of them and took the effort to send them something always surprises them.
I hope they never get used to it, and always realize how special it is when someone does that.  I'm not going to explain these items, although I know some may look random, they all are perfect for the person they were sent to for one reason or another.
Here's a few pictures from the past few weeks/months of the joy it brings our house when these random things arrive : )

Three things -
#1. Not pictured, but for the past few months I've been getting a generous Starbucks Gift Card in the mail that brings such a smile to my face, and to those who benefit from it! I don't expect to see it, but when it comes, it makes me happy!

#2. Thank You,  package sender!!

#3. How about we all set a small goal to get a little old fashioned? I know I have so much room for improvement, and it's a personal goal of mine, too.....but how bout we all take a second and drop something in the mail? I know we all think about each other often, daily.  But it's so easy to give someone just a tiny bit of joy to open the mail and see something unexpected.  It doesn't have to cost any more than a stamp. Even just a "hi, miss you! Think about you often" poorly written on a scrap piece of paper can put a smile on a face of someone who's not expecting it. 
: )

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  1. The cool thing is that you can see it in the faces of each of you. So nice to see such joy over the little things of life. I love you all and you all have done so well as far as the things that matter the most in life.