Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dropshots - Attempt #1


Ok, so this is the same link as before, but I'm using their site to directly post the link here on Blogger. It seems the common problem is that you click over from the links I give you, and there's a black and white screen with months and dates, but no pictures, and nothing happens when you click on things. Does that sound right to those of you having problems??  So this link is generated directly from their page, meant to be shared on Blogger.  Maybe it'll yield different results??

Let's see........


  1. Also can you specify what browser you are using (ie. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) if you are using an Apple, PC/Laptop, or a tablet. And finally if you know if you have updated your Java or Adobe Flash recently.

  2. This is also a FAQ from Dropshots:

    First check your firewall or web browser security settings. If either setting is too high, it could be blocking our site and preventing the files from loading. You can either lower the firewall/security settings, or add DropShots.com as an exception.

    Also, make sure that you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser. Follow these steps:

    1) If you are using IE 7.0, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Scroll down and select Use JRE under Java (Sun)
    2) If you are using Firefox 2.0, go to Tools > Options > Enable JavaScript
    3) If you are using Firefox 3.0, go to Tools > Options > Content > Enable Java and Enable JavaScript