Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wall Rd 13.1

(I know there are grandparents waiting for pictures from last night, I'll have them up, and videos later today)

I keep meaning to get these up and life just keeps happening and flying by so before they get buried, here's the pictures from last weeks 13.1 on the mountain. This is most of Brazen Racing's Diablo 13.1, minus the loop up Sunset (I ran odd out and backs and loops at the end to hit 13.1). The mountain is in it's "Beautiful" stage where things are green, flowers are blooming, and butterflies are everywhere.  We are heating up, so that green wont last long, but I always enjoy it for the few months we have it. Enjoy-
  I've gone over prints enough times you guys should be able to tell me what these are, hint- It's walking toward you in this picture.
 Below- ok, it's a cat. Bobcat, mixed with a side of deer. Bobcat came through first...cuz the deer print is on top.

 Don't be deceived by that 2.62 miles. It feels like 26.2 miles at points on a sunny, hot day.
 Castle Rock's rocks in the distance.
 One of the things I love about Wall Road is the trail stretches out like a ribbon across the length of the ridge.

 I don't always like seeing what lies ahead, though.
 Looking back is kinda fun.
 I wish you could tell how bright purple those bushes were against the green hill. It was amazing.

 Below, notice the beautiful green hills coming up.  I had never gone past Secret trail on Wall. That's usually where I cut down to BBQ the section from Secret to Rock City was new to me, and those green hills were stunning.  I didn't realize how close I'd get to them.....
 Pretty much ran smack into the bottom of them.
 Below, the rocks of Rock City are now visible, so I know I'm getting something.
 There's Rock City! That's the big rock with stairs carved into it the kids always want to climb...but haven't yet.
 I had no idea the section on Summit was so long. It's almost a mile from the end of Wall to the start of BBQ, which I didn't count on and was in a time crunch as the kids only have half a day of school the day I did this. Only a mile, but not a fast mile.
 Woo Hoo! I'm at the top of a long, steep at times, downhill run back to the car.  The dark ridge on the left is what Wall runs along the top of and if you look you can see bits of that ribbon of trail.  BBQ runs along the valley at the bottom of that same ridge.

 Well, it was a long, downhill suffer fest to the car after this picture. Probably wasn't my best idea to just "go run 13.1"....but it was exactly what I needed that day, and I felt so good afterwards!  I leave you with an orange hillside full of California Poppies.


  1. I am NOT going to refer to you as Grizzly Adams from now on. Not going to do it.