Monday, March 9, 2015

More from the Trail, and a Little From Life

Myles and Brian just after his award ceremony last week.
I'm calling the valley in the below pictures the "wild white bush and amazing clouds valley".

And this was "Drive in Movie" night at school with box cars. The movie was Big Hero 6, which is another Disney movie that makes parents and kids cry. It has some doozy sad parts.
This was the student of the month breakfast.
 Allen of NTL pointed out that the Diablo 50k course is new this year. If any 50k runners are looking at this, this would be your early outbound miles on Briones to Diablo Trail.

 Below is a hillside of ground squirrels.
 This is taken from Little Yosemite Trail looking back over to China Wall, which, again...the 50k course runs right past China Wall.

 It really is too early in the year for sock lines, but they have arrived.
 I got a new pack, this was my first outing with'll take a few more outings to figure out how to fit my chest into this thing.  It seems way shorter than my older Nathan pack, but has 2 straps across the I'm working out where to comfortably place them. In this pic I just unhooked the top one as I wasn't happy with it.
 This shot never gets old. If you know what your looking at, you can see the summit, Eagle Peak, and Bald Ridge.
 The purple bush has bloomed. I get excited when I see it every year.
 The next two are me spotting where Waterfall Trail Loop breaks off the main trail, it comes out the end of that obvious switchback toward the bottom left of the picture, and heads back into that valley.
 Here's a farther away look. Can you see it??
 Rarely do I see folks mid week up here. Almost like spotting a bobcat.....but not quite.
 Random yard shot. We made some changes to the garden bed, and got everything planted this past weekend.
 This was from today's run out of Mitchel Canyon, less than .10 from the parking lot. This makes 3 this year. This one also wagged it's tail, which always makes me want to call them like a dog...but I refrain. I also refrain from saying "Here kitty, kitty".  If your wondering how big they are...since even though I keep trying, I can't get a side by side shot of one with my leg : ) they are bigger than you may think. Like a small Lab, or the size of a small, less hairy Lassie dog. 


  1. I love that you get to see those bobcats so often - that one didn't seem overly concerned about you. (And I would definitely try the "here kitty kitty" thing, although if it called my bluff and started coming at me, you'd hear me scream like a two-year-old.)

    1. They are really, really amazing. They seem so curious and the tail wagging gets me every time!