Friday, March 20, 2015

The Boy

This kid is going to do me in.  He's been coughing since Monday. He stayed home Monday and Tuesday. Went to school Wednesday, which is a half day, and did ok. He also had another Neurology appointment Wednesday. Went to school Thursday and when I picked him up he was super weak, pale, said he was dizzy.  Coughed all evening to the point of puking. So here's his symptoms, which come and go, fyi - dizzy, pale, fever but says he's cold and has goose bumps, cough - sometimes every few seconds, sometimes minutes in between, the cough is more frequent at night when he's laying down, so he also has not been sleeping, and low energy. After a few days of coughing, he started saying his stomach hurt, which I figured was from all the coughing. The coughing has made his tics way worse, so I also thought his tummy could be sore from clenching like it does when his body tics.  Anyway, so after sending him to school for two days (oops) I took him in today and he has Pneumonia.  There are worse things, and he'll be fine...but I swear this kid can't get a break!!


  1. Aw man - get well quickly! Spring is springing out all over and he needs to be out there squeezing all the goody from it!

  2. So much is going around! Pnuemonia has been terrible this year! Poor kiddo....