Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Camper - 13.1 on the Wall/BBQ Loop

I had a sicko home for 2 days, totally blowing my running plans out of the water. Not to mention I could feel myself sinking into a pit of unhappiness. I had plans today, non running plans, but they had to be canceled. I know when I need to be outside....and today was one of those days. This was an awesome adventure. I hesitate to call it a run, as it involved a fair amount of hiking, crawling, and running....but really....that is trail running.  Believe it or not, I have never done Wall all the way to Rock City.  Nor Summit to BBQ Terrace, and nor the entire length of BBQ Terrace back to Stage. It was amazing.  You MUST click on this run to see the elevation profile...its epic. Like "climb a mountain and then fall off a cliff" epic!  I feel so good right now. Totally recharged. Totally happy. 


  1. Way to get out and get it done! And that's a pretty good time for that course - it would easily beat me! (Not that that's saying much, but still…)

    1. I was happy with the time....until I stopped to think about the fact that I did not do the loop up Sunset to where the second aid station would have been on a race day. That really makes it a tough 13. I just got back to the parking lot and started running out and backs until I hit 13.1. I easily would have topped 4 hours if I had done the actual course. And for me, beating you is a huge deal : )