Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fall is Here!

 I got back from dropping kids off this morning and realized there were leaves on my yard, which made me look up and glare at the tree....but then it sucked me in with it's beautiful changing colors and I forgave it....and took a picture while telling it how pretty it was. 
 Mom and Papa's bed is still the hang out spot in our house. Duke's trying to push me away so he can stretch that leg even longer.
 What Kona does every time Duke gets taken for a walk and he doesn't. Duke needs longer walks, so he gets walked separately.

 My beautiful girls got to get gussied up for an engagement party in San Fran. It was a lot of fun and we can't wait for the wedding!

 Emma's school pictures are happening below-
 This was Sophomore walk-thru day.  I so don't remember having walk-thru days in middle school or high school.  It's nice, though. They get pictures, their ID card, schedules, lockers, all their books, pe uniforms, all the spirit wear stuff - shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc.-and we walk her schedule with her so she can see where everything is.  She has bowling this year, so she has to hustle a few blocks over to the bowling alley and then get back to the school afterwards. That's the only tricky part to her day.
  Sophie is in 8th grade this year, and also had her walk-thru.

 School clothes shopping happened.  They went easy on us and agreed to get what they needed at Ross.  One store.  It was so nice!!

 We also got all the school supplies they could possibly need even though I had no lists yet. Again, one stop - The Dollar Store.  They ended up having everything they needed and a few bags of extras.
 I got to haul some hay for our friend Kyle's graduation party.  They ended up being a ring of seats around a fire.
 We've been having fun with this awesome thing.  Brian's sister had one on the houseboat. I knew right away I needed one, too! :)
 Regular season hasn't started yet, but we did have our first Friday Night scrimmage. 17 minute periods of play with very hands on coaching happening.  The Freshman really threw down and whooped a few JV players hard! It was fun to watch.
 At the above mentioned graduation party we walked in to the sweetest thing! They made special cupcakes Emma could eat.
 Kyle opened his gifts around the fire.
 This happened.....Emma is truck shopping for her first vehicle. Makes me so happy!  She can get her permit in October if she completes a 25 hour online course. (CA has a totally different driving process than WA!)
 This was on Emma's first day of school.  Duke was at a loss as to what to do without his momma in sight at all times.  So, he slept.
 Emma's first day.
 This kid is a big baby in more ways than one.  He freezes when he sees cars. He's terrified and won't walk.  To get to our trails by the house, you do have to do a little street she carried him.
 The teens all went bowling and we had them over after for games and roasting their dinners over the fire.
 Sophie and Myles had their first day of school yesterday.  All went well.
 I enjoyed some alone time with Duke out on the trail.

He was wiped afterwards, didn't want to get out of the truck when we got home, and slept by the door the rest of the day until Emma got home : )

We had a pretty low key, laid back summer.  We had a few really fun trips, and lots of down time, which was great.  We have a few fun things coming up quick, including our 20th! We've celebrated all year, but the big day is actually coming up. 

We are also heading to Disneyland this weekend.  We thought that would help pull the kids through the first week of school, knowing they were leaving Friday at pick up for Disneyland : )  (and again I have to say don't rob us when we are gone because you now know we are gone...we have 3 dogs and a house sitter). 

Hope you are all well!

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