Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer - Batch 3

 So all summer was really leading up to our big houseboat trip to celebrate Nancy and Larry's 50th anniversary. (Brian's folks)

Below, that looks like a suit case, but it's filled with ice and a big cake that we couldn't fit in a cooler.

 Once we drove up there, we tried to make a message they'd be able to see from the boat -

 At night we'd head up to the top deck to watch the meteor shower, which was amazing every night.
 It was a nice, big boat.  There were 6 private bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
 After coffee every morning, I'd jump in for a morning swim.
 You could drive from the bottom or top deck.
 Hot tub which was cold water and really nice during the day when we were cruising from spot to spot.

 Below is the view from Brian and my bedroom.

 These are pics of the docking for the night process.
 Once we were docked, it was time to either jump off the top deck, or shoot down the slide.

 After dinner it was game time.

 Cousins off in search of fish.
 Brian cooking up steak and chicken.

 The above game was terrible. I got spoiled milk, and then rotten egg. I was done after that.
 This game was a hoot, though. You roll a dice and have to turn the clicker that number of times and hope you don't spring the hand.

This trip was last week, Monday thru Friday.  It was a blast. It was really a treat to have Brian and his sibs together and all the kid cousins. Definitely the highlight of the summer!

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  1. 50 years is amazing and inspirational. The hand game would not be my favorite, by a long ways.