Wednesday, August 2, 2017


 I had to post a pic of the awesome piece of wood the kids found while at Shasta.  It was on the beach where we tried to write out the message with wood....and now it's on my mantle!

And below are a few current pictures of Duke.  He's already sooo long.

 Above, that's major progress. Kona and Duke are touching.  Kona's not big on young rowdy pups, and Duke is pretty rowdy, jumpy, old furry man isn't amused.
 And here, Sam is recovering from a traumatic morning.   He caught a squirrel who fought back hard by biting his nose and lip.  Brian got him in the house, not realizing anything happened, and he came up to me dripping blood. (ps. he had his rabies shot within the past 6 months).

And with that.....we wrap up Summer of 2017.  Sophie starts back with a mentoring program on Monday.  She's in 8th grade, and will be mentoring a group of incoming 6th graders, and has training Monday and Tuesday, then to work Thursday.  Emma also has her walk thru next week to get her schedule and planner, etc. You know what that means?? Football season is around the corner!


  1. So, will Sam still chase squirrels or did he learn something? (My money is that he will still chase them - if our dogs are anything to go by, learning is not high on their list of things to do.)

    1. No, he did not learn. He was back at it this morning.