Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer - Batch 4

Almost caught up.  We came home from the boat on a Friday and had been tossing around a kids mud run the following day.  We were kinda waiting to see how the boat trip went and how we all felt after coming home.  We were actually not worn out but pretty refreshed, which is always a nice way to feel after a vacation!  So Saturday we headed back over to Sacramento for a kids obstacle and mud run.  While I could not do the obstacles, I did run it with Myles. was hot.  We were in a 9:30 wave...and it was hot.  I hoped there would be mud right away...but the last 2 obstacles had mud, the rest were dry.  There were 2 water stations, which even with a short race, were needed cuz, was hot.

 That's Sophie and Emma coming towards us, dragging up a hill....which was hot : )

 We caught up with Emma, who, no surprise, had taken a fall off the cargo net and her tailbone hurt when she would try to run.

 Finally, water! I expected them to lay down in there as the balls were floating in water, but they just walked through.


The water tanker back there was attached to hoses, so they were able to clean off before we headed home! Good times.


  1. I've never heard of a kid's obstacle course - what a great idea! Anything to get kids out and moving and having fun! (And I still like the thought of those three climbing into your nice clean truck like that!)

    1. Lol. Not only were they hosed down, I made them change clothes in the parking lot.