Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer - Batch 2

 There has been a lot of pool time this summer...
 Lots of card playing time...

 Duke....he's gonna be a big boy, he just keeps growing and growing and still his feet look huge.
 We squeezed in a camping trip, though it was a bit short for my liking.  Camping with 3 dogs was interesting, but they did great.  It was right  at 100 daily, so a bit too warm, but nothing some like time didn't fix.

 Gone are the days of pancaked, bacon, hashbrowns, and it's oatmeal and egg white scrambles.
 Doggie shelter while we were in the lake.  Only Sam was interested in swimming and walked right in the first day.
 A fire started while we were swimming, on the back of that hill.  We watched the planes and helicopter work on it and it was out in a few hours time.

 Duke would dig in the clay till the ground was wet and then lay on it. Smart guy.
 So originally we got Duke for Myles, but Myles is a bit to sensitive to the puppy whine sound and the puppy nipping and quickly distanced himself from Duke....who now views Emma as his mom, and that works, too.
 Brian and Duke having a stand off over Brian's dinner. Brian grew up with big dogs and is quite smitten with Duke.
 We volunteered at Brazen Racing's Bad Bass trail run, working at Aid Station 1.  This was the view as we walked out to it.

This was 7 hours later, waiting for the last runner to come through.
Batch 3 coming up.....


  1. Such a great surprise seeing you at Bad Bass! My pictures of you all were pretty blurry - you all were awfully busy with the 5K and 10K runners at the time. And hopefully this means we'll see you running a race soon (not that I'm running anything - I'm still nursing a cranky knee, so walking 5Ks is my current limit).

    1. Man, that was a busy aid station!! It gets hit once by the 5kers and twice by the 10k/13.1ers with basically no down time. Once that first runner comes through, the day flies by, but yeah...I barely had time to look up and smile : )