Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emma's First Half Marathon Day o'Runs

Wonky title, but here's how today went.
I said yesterday 20 wasn't in the cards, and so we changed the goal for the day.
Run. Just run. Run in the morning. Come home, shower, go to a 1 pm meeting. Come home. Go run again. Where we want, what we want, as far as we want, as fast or slow as we want.

This morning Em wanted to run rather than ride her bike. She's good for up to 6 miles at a time, as that is the farthest we have "let" her run in the past. Well, this mornings run involved some trail detours, lots of hills, some paved trail, more hills, dirt trail in an open space, a rock maze....and 7 miles. She did great and kept my pace the entire run.

After our 1 pm meeting, we headed to Lafayette Reservoir for some more hilly miles. Brian was wanting to get in as many laps as possible,and we had 1.5 hours until it closed. I had him go on his own, while the girls ran w/me. I pushed Bubba in the jogger. I was good for 3 miles pushing him, and Sophie is really only good for one lap, so the two of them played at the park while we waited for Brian to finish his second lap, 6th mile. We had 33 minutes now until closing, you get a ticket if you are still in the park. Em was at 10 miles for the day at this point. I asked both her and Brian if they had a 33 minute lap left in them (this is a very hilly 3 miles and hard to do in the low 30 minute range). They both said yes and took off running!

With one minute to spare they finished the lap (also w/the park ranger parked w/his headlights aimed at my driver side door itching for that last minute to count down : )

And with that Emma completed mile 13 for the day!
It is also worth mentioning that Soph rode 7 on her bike and then ran 3.

It was a great, relaxing day together as a family.....a family that at 8 p.m. is finally sitting down to watch a taped Superbowl. We have priorities : )

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