Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Keep That Tennis Ball Rolling, Dumb Hip

Did you say or sing that title?? I know, my titles need help.....

Just posting to say I have been resting like a good girl and rolling everyday and trying to Pigeon, but I feel ridiculous. It stretches my hip flexor, but not inside the hip joint where the pain comes from....but it cant hurt and feels kinda nice.

The hip is feeling much better. I have not run at all or worked out this week....this week which was never intended to be a taper week. There was to be no taper before Napa, since Napa is followed shortly by Diablo 50k. But, as always, I have to roll with what my body can handle....and apparently my hip wanted a rest week.

I will do some upper body work tomorrow - Saturday. We will see how it feels, I would like to take it out for a spin on Sunday just to see if there's any twinges or tweaks so I have an idea of what I'm in for on race day. I would love to get a few 4's in next week if it will allow......
but for now I am focused on one day at a time and doing all I can that day to fix this thing.

Anyhow.....there's your update!


  1. Wow Beth! Did you say the "R" word? I didn't think you had it in you to do it! I am so very proud of you. Talk about using a sound mind. You r.. all you need to!!!!

    1. Hee hee....I wish I could let myself enjoy it...that R word will not help me finish Diablo : )
      Hope you had a good assembly!

    2. No it won't but neither will a bum hip! The assembly was FANTASTIC! Have you had your CA yet?