Saturday, February 4, 2012

Phew, and Pew!!

Man, my head will be happy to hit the pillow tonight!

Today was the loved/hated marathon science project day. Both the girls picked much simpler projects this year, but the decorating seemed to take way more time than last years 16 hour day.
I make them hand write everything and then i spend hours figuring out fonts, sizes, colors, how to make the page go sideways (landscape setting), then of course once you send 50 things to the printer, the printer stops working...or you run out of ink....or your daughter and husband glue all said printed materials down on the board in the opposite order of how they have to be per scientific method them all off, reprint the ripped off materials, and then mom has to try to hide all the boogered up spots.

But they are done, oh, except for that Sophie's "naked egg" fell out of the fridge tonight and broke open all over the floor...imagine old egg and vinegar smell....nice. Projects aren't due till Wednesday, so we have time to make another egg strip.

We are supposed to be up at 5 and running our 20 miler in the morning...I honestly dont' see that happening tomorrow, but we have a week cushion, so we may do 13 in the morning, then 20, 22, 13....then that's it, Napa's here!! Time flies when your training : )

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  1. I remember those days and do not miss them at all. At least with kids 8 years apart the projects were varied in difficulty.

    Wow that came up fast! Have a blast at the Napa race!