Friday, February 10, 2012

What We've Been Doing....

These first few pictures are from last Sunday's 20 miler that was not.
We did have a great double run day, though, and this was the day Emma ran her first 13 miler.
No family run is complete w/o 100 random stops for random fun doing random things.

This is the rock maze Myles and I stumbled across on a run a few weeks back, then we tried to get to it after a week of rain and got stuck in the mud. The girls were excited to finally get to see it.

The black dot on the single track trail is Brian. Myles and I found a second tunnel under Ygnacio a few weeks back and Brian wanted to check out trail conditions on the other side to see if it was a stroller friendly was not.

My view. It may be uphill, but at least it's heading towards blue sky!

In non running news, it has been a stressful few weeks. Lots of kids projects due, a meeting w/the principal and a teacher, kindergarten registration (again, but the last time ever), and other "stuff". Last Saturday was set aside for the girls science projects. Both decided on their own what they wanted to do. They did the experiments and then wrote everything out. We went to the craft store and they picked out the decorations. I type everything out and they help pick fonts, sizes, colors, ect....eventually (as in 10 hours later)....they both ended up with really nice projects.

A few things you may not notice while looking at this project -
every blue sparkly circle was cut out by hand (my hands), every circle, including the mirrored ones, was hot glue gunned on.
There are small pots, like cooking pots, that are filled w/blue glitter glue to look like water.
When the glue dried, it fell out, had to be tracked down (was found on floor in garage, we are talking a circle the size of a dime) and hot glued into the bottom of the pot.
.....I was ready to run from the house screaming and pulling my hair out.

Emma's above, Sophie's below.

Sophie's egg project was much easier to put together, other than worrying about her naked egg getting broke at school.....well the night we finished making the project boards her egg fell out of the fridge and broke on the floor.
We had another batch ready in time for the science fair.

(Brazen goes to the science fair : )

Below are pictures from yesterdays run w/Myles and Chewie, who talks and it cracks me up every time.

This last one is from my drive home this morning from dropping off the kids at school. While you may not even glance sideways at your cell phone when driving w/o getting a ticket, you can take photos, with Chubacca yelling at the back of your head while your 5 year old quizzes you about your favorite ride at Disneyland while you are deep in thought about your extended families health while you notice how amazing the sky looks while you somehow end up home parked in your drive way and realize you cant' really remember driving home.

I need to go for a run.

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