Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last Long Run Before Napa Valley Marathon

Our last long run started off at Brazen's Bay Breeze- Half marathon, 10k, and 5k.
We had friends and Emma's teacher running in the 10k and 5k.
Below is the Beast in the pink/purple top a/black bottoms w/ the 3 kids.

Below is the Beast's husband running the 10k super speedy fast, 54th out of 514!

When the race was over, we headed out on our long run. There were still a few half marathoners finishing up, including Endorphin Dude, runner extraordinaire!! Always a treat to see him out on a course, you may remember some pics from San Fran marathon and the Diablo half. Check out his site here and the amazing goal he achieved last year.

Since the half was still finishing up when we headed out, the first 2 aid stations were still set up and in full swing. We ran into some running friends at the second one and they snapped these pictures. (Thanks Danni!)
They also hooked the kids up with mike n ikes and gummy bears : )

Above are two great volunteers and runners (although today they were volunteers) Danni and Alva, and that's the back of Spammy's head.

And then it was just time to run, and run....and run.....then cry...and walk.....and try to run....then walk. Then run....and run....then walk the last mile using every ounce I could muster pushing the jogger straight into wind that wanted to push me backwards.

I would like to think that if I don't tell you that my hip really really hurts, then it wont hurt. But, the truth really really hurts. It really hurt 6 miles into this run. I am stubborn and would not settle for less than 18 miles (we had 22 planned). So I pushed through another 3 before turning around....and then it was too late. It hurt to put weight on it. Like I thought I was going to pass out at one point, hurt....with 9 miles to go. Which meant I had to push/lean on the jogger...trying to run.....into the wind. I can only explain this hip pain like this : if you cut into your hip and pulled out a bundle of nerves, frayed the ends, dipped them in alcholol and then held them up into the cold wind. After I stop running and the sharp intense pain goes away, it aches across the top back right side of my butt, hip, and around the front into the groin.

I feel like I went for a run and got hit by a truck. Besides the hip issue, my upper body is sore from pushing the jogger into the wind. I push the jogger all the time w/no issues at all, but today even my wrists and fingers are sore from gripping the pushing.

I am not a whiny runner, I hate to complain about anything pain wise, ever. I am of the shut up and get it done school of running. I love being sore after a good workout or good run. So you can imagine how annoyed w/myself I am right now.

I have 2 weeks to fix it. I'm not sure how much running will get done in the next 2 weeks, but at least I know I got a full round of training in (15 weeks). I know if I get to the start I will finish it no matter what. Just have to get through the next two weeks, rest, ice, and not go insane.

All I would like to say is that there has to be a less painful way to get tan lines.


  1. It was a blast seeing you out there! A couple of the volunteers from the Half turnaround aid station ran the half course after the race and were also hit hard by the wind. I'm so glad it didn't come up until later - I've had to stand there in that wind while working an aid station and it's not fun. Trying to run - when in pain no less - would be a LOT less fun. Congrats on getting it done though!

  2. I seem to be getting the same advise from multiple sources, so I just wanted to ad that I spent the morning researching self myofascial release and trigger points, and have 3 print outs w/pictures of how to go about doing this.
    I have to say that it is a very rare night that I dont' get a massage from the hubs, but about as specific as it gets is "my hip hurts, can you dig your fingers in more".
    Just wanted to say I hear you and am listening and will give it a try.

  3. It sounds great, thanks for sharing this to us. Looking forward for more updates, great job well done too. Congratulations !