Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Someone Get That Girl Some Mud!

So when your Runners World mag and Trail Runner mag come on the same day, which do you open first????

Well, I just got home from dropping off the chickens at school and sat down to do some research on race vests and realized I have read my TrailRunner from cover to cover and my poor Runners World is still in its wrapper. Hhmmmm, interesting. Not only have I read it, I'm about to use it for links to look up a few gear related things....

While I keep having to pass page 49, I can't help butt (hee hee) notice that while the article was written by a lady, the picture was taken by a man : ) I loved this line, "As for the race number, it probably wont be the only thing flapping around." Too funny.
Now please, can someone throw some mud on that poor girl??

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