Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Few Pictures......

One of the things that we did last week......Sophie and I had been looking at Victorian and tea hats online so that I would have an idea of what she was picturing for me to make her. I realized quickly looking online that these hats tend to be very spendy, and I would be making her one.
Her tea party is this weekend.
I used the 3 things that she had specifically been liking on the hats that we looked at : feathers, flowers, and those hat feathers that are usually on the front and stick up and out to the side.
I found this sun hat at Ross, and a white/lace scarf at The Dollar Store, slit the hat to push the ends of the scarf through to make ties for her.

Here is the end product!! She loves it, and I have to admit I love it, too! I may or may not have worn it around the house while she was at school : )
Special Assembly Day
We did not get a family picture this year as Brian was pretty busy before and at lunch, and when he was around, the kids were not.

Does it get cuter than that??


  1. Beth, The pic of your daughter, Sophie, in the hat looks so much like I remember your mother when she was that age, although I do not remember her ever wearing such a beautiful hat.

    Uncle Randy

  2. They are amazingly cute kids! Love Myles hair! :)

    1. His hair gives me fits!! He does not want it spiked anymore, so I've been keeping the sides short and growing out the top a does not want to lay down! He always says " it needs to be down and to the side...put more sauce on it"...very picky little man.

  3. Emma, I love that picture of you. You look like such a big girl. Love your hair! I miss you little lady and love you so much! Grandma Jackie

    1. Emma is such a socialite that it is very hard to get pictures of her, she is always off on her own mingling and would prefer her picture not be taken anyhow.
      Did you see the pictures of the tea party day? There are no pictures of Emma because she didn't want to go, way too girly for her....anyhow, I expected a comment on that post, surprised to see one over here instead.