Sunday, March 11, 2012

NVM - Marathonfoto Pictures

Not too much to say about these....they are in order from start of race to the end.
I love that Brian looks so happy in all of his!!
I was not nearly as unhappy as I may appear to be (in general I tend to look po'd when I'm not), i was squinting a lot cuz the sun.

These first few I'm on my own as B is in a bush.
This first one is pretty bad, but it did show how stressed my left leg was, it was working really hard to ease up my right hip.
I've never seen that tendon sticking out like that before.

Those 2 behind me look super happy!

That's us on the stone bridge at mile 23 just after the first turn.

One thing I have learned about those marathon signs on the road....they are generally no where near the finish. In watching races and seeing pictures of marathoners, I always assumed that was at the finish, but nope. Both at San Fran and Napa they are a few miles from the finish. Just thought I'd share.

Brian looks sooo happy!!

Although I paid (heavily) for these, I still feel compelled to link to the source, which I'm trying to do better at.

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