Friday, March 30, 2012

Where is White Horse??

I was surprised and saddened to hear of this tonight.One of the first "running" books I read was Born to Run. I found it fascinating. It did not convince me to try barefoot running, but it did fuel my "strong dislike" of Nike, and did cause me to think about how over engineered most running shoes have become, and what a "business" making and marketing running shoes is.But really, that is only the surface story. It made me think about running. What a basic, natural, stripped down thing it is. It made me ponder what potential there is if we were to get rid of the common limits we put on how far and for how long we "can" run. If running was a daily part of life, if we had no vehicles....would we all be running 50 miles a day?? What would life be like if that was our "normal"? Then would we think, well, if I pushed myself today, maybe I could hit 150 miles?? What if, when on a run into town I got tired and just stopped at someones house and they took care of me and fed me like that was the normal thing to do, nothing out of the ordinary here. The Tarahumara people are such a unique, fascinating, colorful, hospitable, private people......and they are amazing runners. (It also made me want to conquer Leadville before I die)

I have enjoyed reading the race recaps that came out of Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon this year, March 4th (which Caballo is the race director of). The pictures have been amazing, the stories of meeting Tarahumara and what a amazing people they are confirming what we all learned from the book.

Brian, the kids, and I had the opportunity to meet Caballo a few years back at Brazen's Rocky Ridge. If you know me at all, you know how start struck I get while in the midst of any famous runner. I didn't say much, neither did he.....he is a bit of a quiet, tan, bald, giant of a man, and I'm sure would not enjoy being referenced as a famous runner. It would seem that was never his intention, if you read the book you know he has a tendency to disappear for long periods of time.
I would like to think that is what happened. Maybe the publicity, the RD'ing, the "fame"....maybe he was feeling like it was time to disappear for a bit. Maybe he just headed out on a run and didn't feel like stopping.....maybe. But....he left his dog behind.....and that makes me a bit more realistic that something else may have happened.
We, like many, are hoping he is on the adventure of a lifetime and will run home soon!


  1. I need to read this book. As I'm writing this, we know that the worst happened, but still don't know how or why or what. I've read a LOT about him in the last few days and love how everyone has nothing but great things to say. And I've heard about the Rocky Ridge thing several times - was that 2009? (I don't see him in the results for then or 2010, but maybe he didn't run or used a different name.)

    1. Hey Allen,
      Yes, it was 2009. He didn't run, he was recovering from a foot injury. He was handing out a pamphlet...i believe it was about the Tarahumara and the water/corn situation down there. He hung out at the start and then walked out to right at the base of "the hill" right before the aid station where the fence is and yelled out encouragement at the runners. That was my only encounter with him, but it didn't take much to know that he was a special guy.

  2. Now that I think about it a bit, I think he had a table set up at a PCTR race I did - he was available to talk and sign books before and after the race (which he ran). I didn't know who he was at the time, but now wished I had gone over and talked to him. This was likely in 2010.