Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things About Marathon Week That Make Me Happy....

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by!! Usually the 2 weeks prior to a marathon drag on and on and never seem to end. I think with my hip issue and wanting more time for it to work itself made the time fly by. are a few things I love about the week before a marathon..........

The day I go and buy the window markers!!
And the process of thinking about and planning out and ok...maybe doing a few sketches of what the back car window will look like : )

Checking the forecast multiple times daily. It was changing minute by minute earlier in the week, but seems to have settled on this amazingness -

We start in Calistoga, so it'll be closer to the 39 at the start (it was super cold the last time we ran this one, like low 30's)
And we end in Napa, so should be sunny and beautiful!!

Final instructions email!!

Doing my "Race" nails!!

A beautiful final pre-marathon run!!

And of course this has been making me giddy all week!!
(I went back and bought another one in hot pink!)

Knowing that we are staying here!!
There are a few other things about this marathon specifically that have been making the week exciting, too -

We love sitting in on the Marathon College at the expo and listing to the "Greats" like Dick Beardsly, Mary Coordt, and Amby Burfoot. Last year we got to listen to Dean Karnazes for quite a while.
This year they are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the "Duel in the Sun"-

"celebration of the famed 1982 Boston Marathon’s “Duel in the Sun” will be presented. The famous duel between then-world-record-holder Alberto Salazar and young upstart Dick Beardsley from mile 4 to the dramatic finish on Ring Road is considered by fans as the most gripping marathon battle in the history of the Boston Marathon." - From NVM website.
Beardsley and his then coach will be at the expo speaking, and they will show the final minutes of the 1982 race.

When we don't have the kids w/us at an expo, we love to linger and meet other runners and chat w/vendors. We are so new to this running thing and have so much to learn, it's always nice to chat w/more experienced runners and learn new things.
That is one of the reasons we splurged this year and got tickets to the runners dinner at the expo.
We have never done a "pre-race" or "carb-load" dinner, so we are excited!

So there you go, just a few of the things I love about pre-marathon week!
I probably won't post again before we leave Saturday.
For those who would like, you can track an athlete by signing up on the NVM page. I believe there are only mats at 13.1 and the it's not like San Fran where ever 6 miles there's a tracking mat.
Goals - I know I say this every time, but I really, really mean it this time - FINISH!!
That's it, just finish. It'll be nowhere near a PR, but hopefully not a PW (personal worst) either. This is a long run for Diablo, so again, I will carry 2 bottles and pack food.(Hard to find potatoes w/salt at a road marathon : )

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I will be thinking of you and Brian. Have a wonderful time. I will look forward to pics. Luv U.

  2. Have a great run!...and mini vacation. You guys are amazing! I cant wait to hear all about it.

  3. This is SO cool! I've never heard of window crayons - Diane might wish I never had. The San Jose Fit aid station I worked at the last Silicon Valley Marathon had potatoes and salt, and most runners were puzzled by that. Little did they know.

    Have a GREAT time at the race and expo and dinner - can't wait to hear how it goes. (And I've started my obsessing over Way Too Cool already. I think I'm more nervous about it than any other race I've ever done, and there's no good reason for that. I think.)

  4. Window crayons are the best!! Way better than the markers and last much longer.

    No reason to be nervous, especially not with the power of those new "custom" gaiters :) You will be fine, when it gets tough just look down at your ankles and smile.

    What is this rumor we hear from WHM that you are not registered for Diablo yet?? Surely this is just a rumor.