Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pink Juice, Anyone??

Warning -** This is a gross post, read at your own discretion**

I had something happen 4 days post marathon that was as gross as it was cool!! If you know me, you know I think it is totally cool to lose a toenail due to running. i don't know why i find it to be so awesome, but i do. This topped that!!

So my middle toe on my right foot felt like it was getting cut from about mile 21 to the end. I kept looking down at my shoe expecting to see red, but never did. Once we finished, we kept moving right into the gym (we finished at a high school, bag retrieval was in the gym), got our bags, and sat in the bleachers for a bit. Took off shoes and socks and changed into my red and pink knee high slippers. I did a quick check of my toes to see what was going on, and other then the fact that they hurt (like they should after 26.2), I wasn't overly concerned or interested, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and i was mostly worried about the hip.

By Sunday night that toe was killing me, and it was huge!! From the last joint to the tip of my nail it was huge, like super swollen, squishy, huge, deformed looking. I took the polish off to see what was going on and it looked dark purple (again, normal after 26.2 for that toe). By Wednesday it had started to go down...since it was the only thing that was hurting, and now it was getting better, i took that as a green light to go for a run. (I have been on a bit of an extended running high this week in disbelief of how great i feel)

So I ran, and it felt like running over a rainbow and shooting glitter out my.....ears. : ) I was in disbelief that 3 days out from Napa i was running. i came home and weeded the garden and did some raking. The toe swelled up huge again, like pushing the nail up and off at the bottom where the cuticle should be. i took matters into my own hands...with a kitchen knife. Get ready........

i was standing w/ my right foot up on the kitchen table, a wall behind me, kitchen knife in hand. The toe was so swollen it was numb, so i wasn't afraid that it would hurt. i pushed the tip of the knife into the toe below the nail, just below where the nail and toe join. A bead of clear, slightly pink liquid appeared. i put the knife down.....and pushed down on the nail.................and screamed.

(reenacting what i did, this is after the main event and the toe looks normal already)
(this is showing you where it all squirted out of)

I was covered in pink juice - arms, neck, face, and sprayed all over the wall behind me.

It was so cool!! There was such a release of pressure, it feels so much better. And now i get the additional pleasure of waiting for it to fall off!! It was just too awesome not to share with you all. Hopefully you already ate dinner.

(told ya I'm not a girly girl!)

My left shift key is sticking...not gonna go back through and fix all the lower case i's....sorry about that.


  1. I learned a long time ago to expect this kind of thing from you. What caught my eye was "changed into my red and pink knee high slippers" - My definition of slippers does not even contain the word "ankle", let alone "knee". And if you shoot glitter out your ears, I hope its the biodegradable kind. (Congrats on felling so perky so soon!)

  2. You are so KOOL! Have to agree with notthatlucas the slippers caught my attention, too. How about a pic?