Monday, February 4, 2013


That was what I said as I woke up Saturday morning and looked outside.'s not supposed to be cloudy today! It was supposed to be near 70 at the beach, which is where we were planning on heading. We loaded up and headed out, thinking it would clear as we got closer to Monterey, as it tends to do this time of year. It didn't. And it was cold. 54 was the highest we saw. Which may not seem cold, but when it was supposed to be much warmer and you had told your kids they could body surf....54 becomes cold!  We managed to have a fun day, and nice weekend despite the blown forecast!

Sunday afternoon we headed to the reservoir, and Sophie asked to run 2 laps with me, which made my day!
My running partner for 5.5 miles.
 These two are from this mornings run, which, again, was amazing! I will attempt to get a video to upload from this run. I came to Pine Meadow and it was buzzing with the sound of frogs. It was so so loud, my ears were hearing frogs all the way back to the car. Can't imagine what it would sound like at night!
Legs fresh out of a creek
This was Sophie on last Friday, 49'ers Day at school. She was all gold sparkle from the waist down!


  1. What beach and have I ever been there? Looks like a great day.

    1. We went to a couple of beaches in and around Monterey, the tide pools were along 17 mile drive, and yep, you've been there.