Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Favorite Way to Run

I have so missed my runs with Brian.  We have so much fun!

This was Brian's first trail run since his calf injury. I took him on the same 7 mile loop I did with the Beast in this post. It is a tough little loop, but every corner brings another breathtaking view, and it seems to go by quickly. The first few miles were new trail for Brian, and I had fun showing him some new stuff.
I have really missed these runs with him! We always have a blast and enjoy getting out and running together.  We both pulled 30 mile weeks this week! It's been a LONG time since I've pulled that off and I will admit my legs are feeling the mileage. I've laid down a solid base over the past few months. Now it's time to start building. Both in miles, and elevation.  I'm super happy to have my hubby running again and able to literally hit the ground running on the weekend!
Here's a few pictures from yesterday's run -

Heading up on Shell Ridge Loop

Heading back in on Stage Rd.

Not mad, he just makes me work hard to keep up with him on the downhills.

This is on the Briones to Diablo Trail, near China Wall.

First time we've seen a coyote on Diablo. He's in the green spot top/center of pic. Brian has seen a bobcat on Diablo before, but this is our first Coyote sighting.  There was actually a cow chasing him away from the herd, I'll post that pic on our photo site.

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  1. Brian charging through the deepest/longest part of a small stream and a coyote being chased by a cow. This post has everything! (Except kids.) Good to see Brian out and pushing you a bit.