Friday, February 1, 2013

The View From The Trail

Another morning of climbing, finding new single track, amazing views, and fresh air! Life is good : )
Hazy but still beautiful.

Picture break mid climb.
You know the views must be truly amazing to have me climbing this twice in 3 days!

I saw this single track on Tuesday but was unsure of where it went, after looking at it on a map I decided to take it today.

If you look you can see where it pops out on the ridge over there and connects back into the main loop,the next picture is standing over there looking back.
You can see the trail right up the spine of the ridge that I came up.

Coming down Buckeye Ravine.

Buckeye drops you right at the feet of Castle Rock's rocks.
Wherever you are running this weekend, have a great time!

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