Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Update in Pictures

Lets pretend it was a 3 day weekend....this is from my Monday morning run. Guess what?  The frogs were back! There's a video of the sound on the photo site.

Also from yesterday's run.  I used to take a lot more tree pictures, this one was just to amazing to pass by w/o taking one.

Just me.

Yesterday's run. Many of the flowers have started to bloom, these were growing out of a crack in some rock.

This is from a hike we did on Sunday w/some friends. It's a shot of Buckeye Ravine that I'm always mentioning going up or down on runs. The muddy, sliding video last week was taking while coming down Buckeye.

We found a bike track in the scrub near our house and Emma loved it!
Kids in a cave on Sunday's hike.

Kids in a creek on Sunday's hike.

Making our way down a steep part of Sunday's hike.

Guess what this is?? Yep, kids on a rock from Sunday's hike.

and this.....is kids on a hill from Sunday's hike. : )
That about catches you up. We are still having amazing weather. Should have a few 70's days this week.  Yesterdays run it was about 63 out and I was pouring buckets, so I need to really get some longer runs in during this mini heat wave and try to get the body used to a bit of heat. Diablo 50k is rapidly approaching!!

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