Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yesterdays Run

(I promise I'm saying 'shoot' and not any other sh word)

That video shows why I'm running long, paved, and flat today. My least favorite way to run, but I'm giving the trails another day to dry out.  Yesterday was slow and tedious, and left me super tense. It was beautiful out, though, and I still had a great morning!

This is how my shoes would be the entire morning, until I could get them into a creek.

You can see the tops of the snowy peaks behind the ridge.

The first climb of the day


Diablo Summit has some snow.

Going down Buckeye Ravine, things are so green right now!

The last 3 are looking at the back of Diablo from Mitchell Canyon near our house.  It is also the same snowy peaks that are peeking over the hill from the front of Diablo in one of the pictures above.

Things are so green and pretty out right now, the trees are all budding and poppies are starting to bloom, and the mustard is in full bloom! It has been fun watching how the Mt has changed as the months go by. This is my first year spending this much time on it, and it has definite seasons.

Gotta go hit the pavement, ugh.

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