Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 First Day of School!!

There's a treat for you at the end, so don't get bored half way through this!

Everything went great! All 3 were happy, Myles especially! His teacher is female, wore a cute dress and heels, and first thing she asked him was "You're Myles, right? Where's your boots?"  He's known for his cowboy boots/shorts combo.  His teacher looks (in the way she was dressed) like a few teachers from our old school that he really liked, so he was super happy.  He ended the day super happy, too, saying he was so glad he has a nice teacher!! Sophie liked her teacher more than she thought she would, her words were "she's actually not that bad." Emma came home, well, like Emma. Said the day was fine....and not much else.  Here's some pictures for you!

 And then I was off to my happy place!!! I hadn't been alone on the mt in months!!!

 I just popped out of the woods from a single track onto Donner trail and was happy to see this poor dead meant they were out and about and maybe I'd get to see one!
 And then, on a different trail, I saw this beauty!!

 And, another gift, I found a nice new feather for my Diablo feather collection - its the one in the far back against the wall that is parted on top.

And, here's your treat for staying with this post : )

When she turned and at me, I decided to put the camera down on the ground and move it with the strap so my hand wasn't as close : )


  1. Yea! Nightmares I will have. I hate spiders. I fear tarantulas. But what else would I come to expect from someone who at age four picked off as many jelly fish as her sweat shirt pouch could hold and wanted to get into the car with them to take them home. Then at age five carried a baby shark around with her when we hauled it up in one of our crab pots. I am so glad I missed out on that experience while visiting. Glad I missed out on the quake as well. Great news that the kids like their teachers. What does your mom think about hiking amongst rattle snakes and tarantulas. I did not realize how big their stingers are. YUK!
    How is notthatlucas?

    1. : ) The tarantulas are pretty harmless, not toxic or anything, and while they will bite if they have too, they don't usually. Gentle giants, really...especially compared to jelly-fish. Rattlesnakes on the other hand...well, I think mom understands my love of the mountain, but she may wish I had a safer, less solitary hobby. NTL and Mrs. I'm sure are tearing up the weekends like always. Do you visit his site? It's here -
      I know Mrs had said they had some exciting stuff coming up.

  2. Is Sophie's teacher Mrs. Stevenson? If so, I had her in 3rd grade, she is a very good teacher. :)

    1. Simone!! So nice to hear from ya!!
      Yes, she has Mrs. Stevenson. We had heard a lot about how strict/stern she is, but Sophie actually does well with that sort of a teacher because ill behaved kids stress her out, so she prefers a teacher who keeps the class in line. She really liked her after one day, so we'll see!!
      Miss ya, hope all is well.

  3. Yay!!! Glad the kids had a good first day of school! Thank you for the pictures....minus the big hairy spider ones.... ;)

  4. I love all the first day of school pictures and am thrilled that Myles is starting out with happy thoughts about his new teacher. And the movie was great - definitely worth pausing a run for. (I'm still a bit bummed that I saw no rattlesnakes at Bear Creek.) And for Popeye, we visited my family in Colorado (and of course, ran a race there too). It went as well as these things can go (both the visit and the race). And we missed the earthquake too!