Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blackberries on Stage Road

 We headed out Stage in hopes that the berries would be ripe...or that there would be any. Wasn't sure what we'd find but suspected we'd find a bunch of dried up shriveled berries.
And of course....it never, ever, ever rains in our area during summer. Never.
My CA kids couldn't figure out what the wet stuff on the ground was.

 Flipped a log and found one of these awesome wood scorpions. They usually like to be higher elevation wise and we've never seen one this low, so I was not expecting to see it under the log, was hoping for a snake.

 This is usually where we see the bull frogs...but it's super dry.

 Thankfully, there were actually lots of berries, enough for cobbler.

It ended up being a nice day! The kids had fun the whole time.
And as for it never raining in our area during summer.....it poured all night and is raining still today.
We need it, so not complaining, but it's so odd.

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