Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer = The 5th Bedroom

 5th bedroom = the tent. The kids love it. It's a fort by day, and where they and Kona have slept for the past 2.5 weeks. As you can see, the top is open, so when I heard it raining one night I kept waiting for them to come running in the house, but no. They all snuggled under the covers until Brian went and got them out.
 I've managed to get the boy back on his bike. You may remember he had an anxiety attack on it the last time we went for a ride (side effect of meds, happens randomly). He got a pep talk from one of his Drs along the lines of "getting back on the horse" and he did great, rode for 4 miles.
 4 miles with a park in the middle, that is.
 The girls and I decided that for August we would go sugar free.  Not as in examining ingredients of everything we eat to see if it has sugar.....but as in no sweets/junk food/sugary drinks.  So the last day of July ended with special cupcakes as a farewell to sugar. We have agreed that when Grandpa visits the end of this week, we get to take a 5 day break from our no sugar resolve. : )
 And some art for you Monday morning. Myles never stops producing art, it's a none stop event. Now that he realized he can watch "how to draw" videos on his Kindle, he's been drawing more.  These puppets were one of the things he made last week.


  1. Sugar free for a month (even if there is an asterisk) sounds really hard! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Love the puppet eyes - you can see where Myles is focussing right now! Nicely done!