Thursday, August 28, 2014


So tomorrow is day one of teeth work! The 4 teeth are getting cleaned (really, drilling out the decay and putting in temp fillings) to see if it's only 2, or if it's 3 that need root canals. The 4th needs a new crown.  Then we'll quickly move on to the root canals...then the 4 crowns. : )
Hopefully I remember non of this as I will be going in later today to pick up some meds, "Oral sedation"...that actually start tonight with a sleeping pill of sorts. Not sure exactly what it is yet...and then another pill in the morning, and another at the dental office.  Brian will have his hands full apparently as these pills may make you do things you don't know you are doing, and will not remember.  They specifically said to have all electronics such as computers and phones put out of reach/my knowledge. : )  Oh, they also said I'd be alert enough to tell them if I need to use the bathroom, but won't be able to get there on my own. Also, they said to wear pj's because I may not be aware enough to get ready in the morning tomorrow and will sleep all day Friday. Sounds like a blast. This could provide Brian with a few Kodak/blackmail moments.

I know he already knows how grateful we are, but I have to thank Dad again, for making all this work possible.  Yes we have insurance, but it will barely put a dent into all this work, and we definitely can not afford the type of work that needs to be done just to get my mouth to where it doesn't hurt. So, Dad, THANK YOU!!!!

Running related part of the post - You all know I was able to get 2 runs in this week!  After almost a year off of any kind of solid running/training/regular running....they weren't as bad as I had anticipated them being! I was expecting my fastest miles to be in the 13's, which was actually average for me before this long break I've been on. So to see a 12xx the first run out, and two in the 11's the second run out...I was happy!!  Lots of work to be done, but I know to start slow and steady, so that's really my only plan. There are no races on the schedule currently, so I have time to rebuild at a safe/sane rate.

Brian signed me back up for my Jillian website that I loved dearly when I had it.  When I was at my fittest, leanest, most muscular, and felt the was when I was using her workouts on her site, combined with my running.  Once I dropped the site, workouts became less frequent/regular, and there's been a downhill fitness slide for about 2 years  now. Or upward if we are talking weight.  So, I'm super stoked to be back at it workout wise. This is week 2, and I love it as much now as I did years ago.

School update - we had back to school night, got to see classrooms, meet teachers, and happily....was able to sign up for each and every opportunity to volunteer in Myles class room, and some in Sophie's, too!! Was also able to get signed up for working the school carnival, and lap-o-thon.  This year feels so much better already than last years!

Probably wont hear from me again till next week, so have a great weekend!!


  1. It is an honor to be able to help people I love so much. I look forward to the day we go to black bear and you get to order something other than a bowl of fruit. You are an awesome wife, parent, daughter and an asset to all you are involved with. All that while secretely you suffer such mouth pain. Life will get so much better when that is taken care of. Keep me posted. And Brian, now is the time to get even and she won't even recall it--HAHA

  2. Update - 5 hours in the dentist chair. Holy cow. The two sleeping pills taken the night before, did nothing. worst night sleep I've had in a long time....but the three pills I took today, one at 8 am and 2 more in the office....wowzers. I had no idea how much time had gone by, and felt no pain. the 4 teeth are decay free now, with temp fillings in them, and while we had been told 3 root cananls.......I ended up needing zero!!!!!!! So happy.
    I'm super sleepy still, but feel ok otherwise.

  3. Congrats on zero root canals! And I guess congrats on not doing any wild posts while under the effects of the medication. (I was hoping though - that could have been wild fun! Or something!)