Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting Super Mooned

We'll have 3 Super Moons this summer, 2 have already happened, one is next month. There was a guided night hike to the top of Mt Wanda Sunday night to watch the Super Moon come up next to Mt Diablo. We invited a few friends and set out with about 120 folks for a fun evening.  It really was pretty!
 Myles and his friend. They go to school together and are in the same congregation, too.

 Bella, Emma, and Kyle. Kyles actually a few years older than the girls. Bella and Emma were in kindergarten and first grade together, but have been in different schools ever since. Bella and her family recently moved into our congregation, so they've been reunited!

 Kyle, Sophie, Emma and Bella were off geocaching most of the evening, they found 4 caches, including the one in that cistern.

 Mt Diablo was looking beautiful!

 My camera tried it's hardest, but it just didn't like the close ups, or trying to capture the moon at all : (

 We had about 5 minutes to see it before it was in the clouds and gone. It was totally worth it.

And then we headed back down.  Another great summer memory!

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  1. Very cool! I love that they made an event of this, and you all jumped in and took advantage of it. (And I think your camera did fine!)