Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Aquarium of the Bay

I realized I never did do a post of the aquarium pictures. I said I'd do a more thorough post, and never did. Oops.

Ok, so Aquarium of the Bay is located at Pier 39 in San Fran.  A quick's expensive if you have more than 1 or 2 people, its little, and you don't get to wander.  Meaning it's a one way exploration, one way traffic - you are sort of funneled along from room to room and once you go down stairs, through the tunnel, out through the gift shop....there is no turning back to see anything, you've exited and that's it. We came around a corner, and there was the gift shop and the kids were like "wait, is that it??" Now, you can linger as long as you want at each spot, but once you've seen it, you move on and that's it. You can easily see it all in under an hour, less if there's less people in your group.

That said, it is a treat for the kids, and it's what they wanted to do the last weekend of Winter Break, so that's what we did. The girls had been once before, and Myles had never been.

Cost - we did the family four pack for $64, and needed to add one more $13 ticket. Parking in general is around $20 (we were at the Pier for around 5 hours).   So, for us, this is way, way too spendy for what this aquarium has. IMHO, not worth it. Oh, and while we were at the Pier for longer, we were only at the aquarium for maybe an hour.  I do realize there are 5 of us and it's usually expensive to do just about anything, so maybe if there's 2 of  you this would make a really cool date night or something like that.

Moving on, pictures-


 Here's where I gotta say, if you get dizzy, or motion sickness, or woozy around a lot of movement...this tunnel that looks so cool will make you sick. The people mover floor thing doesn't work, so it wasn't because I was standing still and still being's just a lot of movement all around you, in a dark, small tunnel full of people.

  "It says there's fish in here", said Brian. "It's factually accurate", said Emma.

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