Friday, January 9, 2015


Don't get too excited, though, these pictures are terrible. It was super cute, fluffy, and kept stopping and turning to look at me and raising/wagging it's tail like a dog.  I totally wanted to try and pet it, but even though I chased it, I could not catch it : (

 The climb up Eagle Peak is brutal. It's over 1100 ft in 1.5 miles. I call it a lot of names while I'm in the process of getting up it.  BUT, I know it's a quad/hammies/glutes builder and will make me a stronger climber, so it's worth the pain and slow torture. And the run down is pretty sweet.

 I love this mountain! I totally realize I post the same pictures over and over, but it just does not get old. I love it.

Up over that bump and I finally get some down hill....and I'm not stopping to take pictures once I'm aimed downhill : )  Happy Friday!!

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  1. Very cool! I have yet to see one of those on a trail yet - someday…

    It looks so great out there!